Linux drivers for Wolfson devices

Wolfson provides Linux drivers for a wide range of its products in Linux and works to include these drivers in the standard Linux kernel in order to reduce integration and maintenance costs for users. These drivers use the standard Linux subsystems for the functionality provided by the Wolfson devices, where no standard framework exists Wolfson has contributed frameworks to the kernel. Since standard APIs are used these drivers will work with any processor with Linux support.

The latest versions of our drivers are available from this web site, please see below for details.

Audio CODECs

The audio functionality of our devices is supported by the ASoC framework within ALSA. Older Wolfson devices are fully merged into the Linux kernel and are community-maintained.

Updates and drivers not yet merged into the standard Linux kernel are available from our ASoC repository. We provide these based on Linux v3.4 and v3.10 kernels.

Supported devices

This table lists currently supported devices. Where drivers have been merged into to the standard kernel the earliest version where the driver appears is also listed. Where latest updates are available from this website that have not yet been merged into the mainline Linux kernel this is noted.

Some additional devices such as ADC or DAC only variants may also be supportable using these drivers.

Product Subsystem In from Notes
WM8904 Audio 2.6.34